Student Clubs

The student clubs within the department afford opportunities for leadership, professional development, service and social activities, and peer support.

Agricultural Engineering Society (AES)

For all students in the BRAE Department including both the ASABE & SMB clubs.

AES is a social and professional development club. Our focus is building relationships between students, and creating industry connections. Activities include, Monthly meeting with guest speakers, weekly’s BBQs, Career Fair, and more! AES is where Cowboy and Plowboys come to build things!

Contact: Patrick Stodden, President <>

Or find us on instagram at Cal Poly AES

ASABE -  Student Branch (SB):

The professional branch of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers for Students in the Agricultural Engineering Major.

The ASABE student branch is a sub-club of the Agricultural Engineering Society (AES) consisting of the BioResource and Agricultural Engineering (BRAE) majors found in the BRAE Department.

It provides opportunities specifically for BRAE majors with insight into future opportunities. The major activity for the club is the ASABE student rally which occurs once a year in February, which was hosted by Cal Poly this past year and will be hosted by us again next year.

This student rally is planned by students and professionals throughout the year to integrate students into professional life through series of meet-and-greets with the several different professions that Agricultural Engineering affects.

Contact: Adam Rantz, SB President <>

ASABE - Student Mechanization Branch (SMB)

The technical branch of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers for Students in the Agricultural Systems Management Major.

The Student Mechanized Branch (SMB) is a sub-club of the Agricultural Engineering Society (AES) consisting of the Agricultural Systems Management (ASM) majors found in the BRAE Department.

SMB works with ASABE and AES to be able to connect students throughout the department and connect students with industry member. This is done through various club events such as monthly meetings, quarterly activities, and intermural sports. Outside of club activities, SMB participates in the CAFES Club Counsel. This opportunity allows students to be able to interact with other students in different clubs and different departments.

Contact: Bianca SamsSMB President <>

Future Fuels Club

We work with alternative energies throughout multiple current projects like a biodiesel reactor, an  EV solar charger, a waste vegetable oil processor, and hopefully a gasifier powered go-kart one day. We work directly with CP staff and industry people, so this is a great opportunity get immersion with engineering, financial management, and team communication/management. 

Contact: Lance Brown,  <>

or find us on  instagram at future.fuels


This student organization focuses on sustainable agriculture practices, such as hydroponics, aquaponics, and aeroponics, and bioresource-related projects. 

Contact: Miriam Sullivan <>

or find us on  instagram at cp.growcrew

Precision Agriculture & Automation Club (PAAC)

The Precision Agriculture and Automation club was founded in 2013. It exists so that Cal Poly students can explore the future of automation and robotics in agriculture. We are focused mainly on doing robotics that can be utilized in the agriculture industry.

Contact: Aldo Saldana <>



"PolyBuilt" Quarter Scale Tractor Team

BRAE’s Quarter Scale Tractor Team, named PolyBuilt and commonly referred to as “Quarter Scale”, is a student design and fabrication team that participates in the International ¼ Scale Tractor Design Competition put on by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE).

Quarter Scale is funded by Cal Poly as an Instructionally Related Activity (IRA) and is technically a team and not a club. Each year the team designs and builds a 31-horsepower tractor from the ground up, about one-quarter the scale of a full-size tractor.

The PolyBuilt team acts like a small engineering firm using communication and teamwork between members to create a unique tractor design. The team manufactures and fabricates most of their parts and components inhouse, and members gain experience using mills, lathes, TIG and MIG welders, and various other equipment and tools. Since everything that the team makes is something they designed, the students learn feasible design methods, preparing them for industry.

Contact: Garrin Schaap <>

or find us on  instagram at calpolyquarterscale

Tractor Pull

Cal Poly Tractor Pull is made up of two parts, the club and the team. The team is made up of hardworking students who travel around the State competing in pulling events. The tractors are entirely student driven and maintained. The club is responsible for community outreach such as attending the farmers market or educational events and putting on the Poly Royal open house event every year. The club and team are open to anyone who is interested in tractor pull and no experience is necessary.

Contact: Trevor Massetti <>

or find us on instagram at calpolytractorpull






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