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Check out the information below of listings for open BRAE-related scholarships.  For the general BRAE department scholarship application, please apply thru your portal - Cal Poly Scholarship - in My Apps!

Irrigation and Water Scholarships 2020-2021 Timeline

Irrigation and Water Scholarships 2020-2021 Descriptions

Title Details Entry Due

Peary Wilemon National Cotton Ginner's Scholarship Foundation

Please note that applicants must have all documents submitted by February 1 and be at a minimum university sophomore level for their application to be considered.

February of each year

Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA)

Each year, the Association of California Water Agencies offers two $3,000 scholarships to undergraduate students in the fields of water resources, public administration, engineering, irrigation technology and other water-related fields; and one $7,000 scholarship to a graduate student in water law, policy or public administration.

April 1 of each year
Pacific Water Quality Association

1. Member Company Scholarship

2. Major of Study Related to Potable Water Quality

1. Awarded to an individual who is employed by a PWQA Member Company or is related to an individual that is employed by a PWQA Member Company .  Said member company must be a PWQA Member in good standing which is defined as a member company current on membership dues.  Award amount: $1,000

2. Awarded to an individual that is pursuing a major that supports water quality.  Award amount: $1,000

April 1 of each year


BRAE Department Scholarships - For more information on individual scholarships and amounts, please contact Financial Aid Office -

phone 805-756-2927 or email


Please complete the scholarship application on your Cal Poly portal, as well as turning in a paper application to BRAE Department Office or email to, no later than April 30, 2021.


BRAE Scholarship Application




AES Outstanding Senior Award

BRAE Scholarship Application    

April 30

Daisy J. Hudson Agricultural Irrigation Career Scholarships
Merriam Endowment Award
Provost & Pritchard Engr. Scholarship
American Society of Irrigation Consultants (ASIC) Scholarship

USBR Mid-Pacific Region Water Users Conference Scholarship

Reiter Affiliated Companies Scholarship

IDC Scholarship
Lionel Middlecamp Memorial
Paul Etchechury Memorial
Eric Twist Memorial
Don Nikkel Memorial
American Truck Historical Society - Central Coast Chapter
BRAE Dept. Scholarships funded by CP Tractor Pull Endowment
BRAE Department Special Awards
Michael T. Andrews - Sr. Project ASM
Michael T. Andrews - Sr. Project BRAE
Andrews - Projects in BRAE 421/422
Andrews - Projects in BRAE 418/419
Mary Ann & Ed Carnegie Scholarship
Outstanding BRAE Academic Student
Outstanding ASM Academic Student
Outstanding Ag Engr. Society Senior

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