Internship and Employment Opportunities

ASM and BRAE students and graduates are in high demand!  Click on the links below to access listings for internships and job openings in your area of interest.

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AgriNomix LLC Automation Technician Northern CA 9/11/2017 Full Time  
CNH Industrial Field Test Engineer Casa Grande, AZ 9/6/2017 Full Time  
Fresno Irrigation District GIS/Surveyor Fresno, CA  9/5/2017 Full Time  
Fresno Irrigation District Engineer Fresno, CA 9/5/2017 Full Time  
Lindsay-Strathmore Irrigation District Manager Lindsay, CA 8/7/2017 Full Time  
Coast Water Solutions Sales and Design Oxnard, CA  7/19/2017 Full Time  
Delicato Family Vineyard Vineyard Maintenance Supervisor King City, CA 7/19/2017 Full Time  
Diamond of California Maintenance Supervisor Stockton, CA 7/11/2017 Full Time  
Stanislaus County GIS Specialist Modesto, CA 7/7/2017 Full Time 7/31/2017
JG Boswell Company Welding Shop Manager Corcoran, CA 7/7/2017 Full Time  
G3 Ag Logistics Manager Modesto, CA 7/7/2017 Full Time  
County of San Diego Assistant Air Resources Specialist San Diego, CA 7/7/2017 Full Time 7/23/2017
Andros Engineering Agricultural Jr Engineer Paso Robles, CA 6/14/2017 Full Time  
Sage Ag Inc. Field Tester - Machinery Nationwide 6/6/2017 Intern, Summer and Fall ASAP
Grimmway  Rainco Manager Bakersfield, CA 6/5/2017 Full Time  
Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District Assistant Engineer Willows, CA 6/5/2017 Full time 6/16/2017
Laetitia Vineyard and Winery Shop Mechanic Supervisor San Luis Obispo, CA 5/31/2017 Full Time  
Borchard Companies Inc Field Supervisor Trainee - Citrus and Avocado Ventura County, CA 5/24/2017 Full Time  
IID Environmental Specialist Imperial, CA 5/17/2017 Full Time 5/25/2017
Norris Design Irrigation Designer Tucson, AZ 5/9/2017 Full Time  
Wonderful Orchards Irrigation Coordinator Shafter, CA 5/4/2017 Full Time  
Driscoll's Research Associate Oxnard, CA 5/1/2017 Full Time  
Stockmans Field Automation Service Tech Central Coast, CA 4/26/2017 Full Time ASAP
JG Boswell Intern - Tomato Harvest Corcoran, CA 4/26/2017 Intern, Summer  
Sentek Technologies Regional Accounts Coordinator   4/25/2017 Full Time 5/9/2017
Land IQ GIS Intern Sacramento, CA 4/19/2017 Intern, Summer ASAP
Irrigation for the Future Irrigation Engineer San Joaquin Valley, CA 4/17/2017 Full Time  
Nicholas Construction Inc. Project Engineer Shafter, CA 4/13/2017 Full Time  
Blue River Technology Field Application Engineers Sunnyvale or Salinas, CA 4/13/2017 Full Time  
Sacramento Valley Walnut Growers LLC Cold Storage and Receiving Manager

Yuba City,


3/29/2017 Full Time ASAP
Sacramento Valley Walnut Growers LLC Night Operations Manager Yuba City, CA 3/29/2017 Full Time ASAP
Fresno Irrigation District Engineer II or III Fresno, CA  3/27/2017 Full Time  
The Wonderful Company Intern - Water/Government Affairs  Shafter, CA 3/23/2017 Intern, Summer  
University of Arkansas, Rice Research & Extension Center Program Associate Stuttgart, AR 3/21/2017 Full Time 4/15/2017
Solano Irrigation District Summer Intern Vacaville, CA  3/2/2017 Intern 4/28/2017
Wonderful Orchards LLC Agricultural Engineering Intern Shafter, CA  2/13/2017 Intern  
Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds Mechanical Engineer Lost Hills, CA 2/13/2017 Full Time  

Intern Summer and Fall

Central CA 2/10/2017 Intern  
Fusion Fabricators Inc. Welder/Fabricator San Luis Obispo, CA 2/9/2017 Full Time  
PPIC Summer Intern San Francisco 1/31/2017 Intern 2/6/2017
IDC Sales/Warehouse  Castroville, CA 1/23/2017 Full Time ASAP
NRCS Hiring Event Several positions Cal Poly, CA 1/20/2017 Full Time 1/25-26/2017
Coast Engineering & Survey, Inc. Survey Chain Trainee Buelton, CA 1/19/2017 Full Time ASAP
PPI Engineering Civil/Ag Engineer Napa County, CA 1/5/2017 Full Time  
Lodi Pump & Irrigation Chief Operating Officer Lodi, CA 1/5/2017 Full Time  
DCSE/Spatial Wave Remote Sensing/GIS - research and development Orange County, CA 12/8/2016 Full Time  
Andros Engineering Welding and Fabrication Shop Supervisor Paso Robles, CA 11/29/2016 Full Time  
Andros Engineering Welder/Fabricator Paso Robles, CA 11/29/2016 Full Time  
Idaho Dept of Environmental Quality Wastewater Reuse Engineer Boise, ID 11/10/2016 Full Time 11/23/2016
4Creeks Entry Level Engineering Technician Visalia, CA 10/25/2016 Full Time  
AgTech Industries Regional Technical Sales Manager Northern CA 10/5/2016 Full Time  
AgTech Industries Regional Technical Sales Manager Southern CA 10/5/2016 Full Time  
AgTech Industries Warehouse Manager Salinas, CA  10/5/2016 Full Time  
AgTech Industries Sales & Customer Service Manager Salinas, CA 10/5/2016 Full Time  
Reclamation District District Engineer North Sacramento, CA 10/5/2016 Full Time ASAP
Reclamation District  Deputy Manager North Sacramento, CA  10/5/2016 Full Time ASAP
CHC Hydronics Application Engineer Hayward, CA  9/12/2016 Full Time  
Preston Pipelines Inc. Construction Project Engineer Sacramento, CA 8/30/2016 Full Time  
Westland Group, Inc. Civil Engineer, EIT Santa Clarita, CA 8/24/2016 Full Time  
Coastal San Luis RCD Agricultural Engineer/Engineering Technician Central Coast, CA 8/8/2016 Full Time  
Farm Irrigation System Design and Installation Chile, S.A. 8/4/2016 Internship ASAP
Central California Irrigation District Hydro Technician  Los Banos, CA 8/3/2016 Full Time  
Kubota Compliance Engineer Grapevine, TX 7/22/2016 Full Time  
Fresno Irrigation District Engineering Technician Fresno, CA  5/23/2016 Full Time  
ABC - Almond Board of CA Manager, Irrigation and Water Efficiency   5/18/2016 Full Time   


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