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NRCS Civil/Ag Engineer Various 9/21/2023 Full Time 9/25/2023
MID Water Resources Engineer Merced, CA 9/21/2023 Full Time  
Jacobs Entry Level Water Resources Engineer Sacramento, CA 9/7/2023 Full TIme  
RCDMC Irrigation Specialist Salinas, CA 8/15/2023 Full Time  
RS Wood Construction Project Manageer Malibu, CA 6/9/2023 Full Time  
Constellation Brands Project Engineer Acampo, CA 6/8/2023 Full Time  
Great Basin Institute Forest GIS Intern Sonora, CA 5/30/2023 Summer Intern ASAP
Valley Fab Engineering Intern Salinas, CA 5/15/2023 Summer Intern   
Laurel Ag & Water Project Manager Chico, CA 5/15/2023 Full Time  
NW Kern RCD Assistant Manager Bakersfield, CA 5/4/2023 Full Time  
Recruiting Regional Manager; Irrigation Design Central Valley, CA 5/4/2023 Full Time  
Nikkel Iron Works Staff Engineer Shafter, CA 5/2/2023 Full Time  
NECI Irrigation Engineer Billings/Hardin, MN 5/2/2023 Full Time  
Sierra Dairy ASM Internship Dublin, TX 4/24/2023 Intern  
Bee Sweet Citrus Assistant Farm Manager Central Coast, CA 4/21/2023 Full Time  
Bee Sweet Citrus Farm Management Intern Central Coast, CA 4/21/2023 Intern  
NRCS Engineering Technician Mariposa, CA 4/21/2023 Full Time 5/5/2023
NRCS Civil/Agricultural Engineer Various, CA 4/21/2023 Full Time 5/5/2023
CSLRCD Executive Director Morro Bay, CA 4/10/2023 Full Time  
BBSBV GM/Sales Engineer Salinas, CA  4/6/2023 Full Time  
YCFC & WCD Irrigation Operations Intern Summer Woodland, CA 4/6/2023 Intern  
California Engineering Company Assistant Civil Engineer Yuba City, CA 4/3/2023 Full Time  
UCCE Small Farm Soil and Water Conservation Staff Research Associate III Fresno County, CA 3/23/2023 Full Time  
Zanjero Water Resources Intern Sacramento, CA 3/10/2023 Summer Intern  
Dasso Farms




Linden, CA 3/6/2023 Full Time/Temporary 4/30/2023
UC ANR Vegetable Crops Production Specialist Modesto, CA 3/6/2023 Full TIme 4/3/2023
Ernst Irrigation Irrigation Designer St. Paul, OR 2/23/2023 Full TIme  
RIS Irrigation Designer Reedly, CA 1/27/2023 Full Time  
Yosemite Foods Ag Machinery/Maintenance Stockton, CA 1/19/2023 Internship  
USDA - ARS Agricultural Research Engineer Portageville, MO 1/19/2023 Full Time 2/9/2023
TRIC Robotics Engineer Intern Santa Maria, CA 1/17/2023 Internship  
USBR Civil Engineer Denver, CO 1/17/2023 Full Time  
Greenswell Growers Summer Intern Goochland Ct, VA 1/17/2023 Internship  
Andros Engineering Manufacturing and R&D/Engineering Internship Paso Robles, CA 1/11/2023 Internship 2/2/2023
Keller-Bliesner Engineering Staff Engineer Logan, UT 1/10/2023 Full Time  
USDA - Forest Service Trainee - Engineering Various 1/9/2023 Internship 1/27/2023
Fresno ID Senior Engineer Fresno, CA 12/29/2022 Full Time  
ACME  Ag/Civil Engineer Napa, CA 12/9/2022 Full Time  
Caltrans GIS/Data Science Remote 12/2/2022 Part Time  
Tulare ID District Engineer Tulare, CA 11/29/2022 Full Time  
Holt of CA Mechanical/Electrical Engineer Central Valley, CA  11/21/2022 Full Time  
Andros Engineering Agricultural Engineer Paso Robles, CA 11/15/2022 Full Time  
Andros Engineering Various (Welder, Technician, Mechanic) Paso Robles, CA 11/15/2022 Part Time  
Bella Vista WD District Engineer Redding, CA 11/9/2022 Full Time 12/5/2022
JMLord Inc. Irrigation Technician Fresno, CA 11/7/2022 Full Time  
Bee Sweet Citrus Maintenance Engineer Central Valley, CA 11/7/2022 Full Time  
Tule Account Manager San Joaquin Valley, CA 10/27/2022 Full Time  
Contractor's Maintenance Service Accounting San Luis Obispo, CA 10/18/2022 Part TIme  
Contractor's Maintenance Service Mechanics San Luis Obispo, CA 10/18/2022 Part Time  
Reclamation District #1004 Assistant Manager Colusa, CA 10/13/2022 Full Time  
NRCS Student Trainee Various 10/13/2022 Full Time 10/26/2022
MID Associate Engineer Merced, CA 10/5/2022 Full Time  
IDC, Inc. Automation Service Technician Patterson, CA 10/5/2022 Full Time  
IDC, Inc. Outside Sales Woodland, CA 10/5/2022 Full Time  
IDC, Inc. Outside Sales Merced, CA 10/5/2022 Full Time  
IDC, Inc. Outside Sales Patterson, CA 10/5/2022 Full Time  
USBR Civil/Hydraulic Engineer Denver, CO 9/28/2022 Full Time  
UCANR Agriculture Technology Area Advisor Salinas, CA 9/28/2022 Full Time  
Alco Harvesting Harvest Automation Engineer Santa Maria, CA 9/28/2022 Full Time  
KTWD Assistant Engineer Bakersfield, CA 9/27/2022 Full Time  
City of Pismo Beach Intern Water Conservation Program Pismo Beach, CA 9/23/2022 Intern  
Recruitment Business Manager San Luis Obispo County 9/16/2022 Full Time ASAP
USDA NRCS Civil/Agricultural Engineer Santa Maria/Various, CA 9/16/2022 Full Tme 9/22/2022
Fresno Irrigation District Senior Civil Engineer Fresno, CA 9/13/2022 Full Time  
Rain for Rent Sales Representatives Various, CA 8/22/2022 Full Time  
USDA NRCS Civil/Agricultural Engineer Santa Maria, CA 8/12/2022 Full Time 8/19/2022
Ramsay Highlander Mechanical Engineer Gonzalez, CA 8/4/2022 Full Time  
Go Green Agriculture Greenhouse QC Patterson, CA 8/3/2022 Full Time  
Madera Irrigation District CHP Assistant Superintendent Madera, CA 7/27/2022 Full Time 9/30/2022
Sage Ag Inc Field Equipment Technician - Electric Vehicles Riverdale, CA 7/26/2022 Intern 6 mths  
Sage Ag Inc Test Technician - Rate Control Ankeny, IA 7/20/2022 Full Time  
Sage Ag Inc Test Technician - Hay and Forage Equipment Travel 7/20/2022 Full Time  
Sage Ag Inc Field Technician - Autonomous Vehicles Urbandale, IA 7/20/2022 Full Time  
CSLRCD Environmental Resource Specialist Morro Bay, CA 6/30/2022 Full Time  
UC ANR Water and Community Resilience Area Advisor Bakersfield, CA 6/27/2022 Full Time 6/30/2022
SSJID Telemetry System Supervisor Ripon, CA 6/27/2022 Full Time  
Yolo County RCD Mobile Irrigation Lab Manager Woodland, CA 6/23/2022 Full Time  
American Farmland Trust Conservation Technician CA 6/23/2022 Full Time  
American Farmland Trust Bilingual Outreach Coordinator CA 6/23/2022 Full Time  
GeoVisual Analytics Field Technician Santa Maria, CA 6/22/2022 Part Time  
GeoVisual Analytics Field Technician  Oxnard, CA 6/22/2022 Intern  
Coastal San Luis RCD Assistant Restoration Engineer Morro Bay, CA 6/21/2022 Full Time  
Applied Civil Engineering Project Engineer Napa, CA 6/20/2022 Full Time  
Driscoll's Sustainability Data Scientist Watsonville, CA 6/8/2022 Full Time  
Cargill Process Engineer Fullerton, CA 6/3/2022 Full Time  
TID Water Resources Engineer Tulare, CA 5/27/2022 Intern 6/15/2022
Ag Operations Student Assistant Cal Poly, CA 5/23/2022 Part Time  
UCCE Stanislaus Irrigation & Soils Advisor Modesto, CA 5/19/2022 Full Time  
A & A Dasso Farms Irrigation Specialist Linden/Stockton, CA 5/17/2022 Intern Summer 5/27/2022
SonTek Sales Representative Outside Area: CA, AZ, NV, HI 5/12/2022 Full Time  
Nevada Division of Water Resources Associate Engineer Carson, NV 5/11/2022 Full Time 5/25/2022
AgMonitor Sales Engineer San Mateo/Fresno, CA 5/11/2022 Intern  
OMC Mechanical Engineer Yuba City, CA 5/10/2022 Full Time  
Blankinship & Associates Environmental Scientist Tahoe area, CA 5/2/2022 Temp ASAP
Tolosa Cellar Intern San Luis Obispo, CA 5/2/2022 Intern  
Phase2Cellars Lab Intern San Luis Obispo, CA 5/2/2022 Intern  
Phase2Cellars Cellar Intern San Luis Obispo, CA 5/2/2022 Intern  
CSLRCD Restoration Engineering Technician Morro Bay, CA 4/27/2022 Full Time  
Gem Pack Berries QA Intern Santa Maria, CA 4/26/2022 Intern ASAP
Greenswell Growers Intern - Hydroponics Richmond, VA 4/25/2022 Summer Intern  
Ashley & Vance  Civil Project Engineer San Luis Obispo, CA 4/20/2022 Full Time  
AgMonitor Sales Engineer San Mateo/Fresno, CA 4/15/2022 Intern  
L&D Construction Co Intern Project Engineer San Jose, CA 4/12/2022 Summer Intern  
L&D Construction Co Project Engineer San Jose, CA 4/12/2022 Full Time  
G3 Intern - Various CA 4/12/2022 Inter Summer/Fall  
CSLRCD Engineering Technician Morro Bay, CA 4/5/2022 Full Time  
Agri-Valley Irrigation Design Engineer Fresno, CA 4/5/2022 Full Time  
USDA-ARS Engineering Technician Fort Collins, CO 4/5/2022 Full Time 4/22/2022
KTAU Irrigation Designer San Diego/Santa Maria, CA 4/5/2022 Full Time  
Rain for Rent Engineering Intern Bakersfield, CA 4/5/2022 Intern  
C & F Irrigation  Irrigation Systems Engineer Fresno, CA 3/29/2022 Full Time  
Bank of Stockton Banker Lodi, CA 3/25/2022 Full Time  
RRG Farm/Water Sustainability Bakersfield, CA 3/25/2022 Summer Intern  
LTRID Engineering Technician Tipton, CA 3/25/2022 Full Time  
Everde Growers Various Internships Various US 3/23/2022 Summer Intern  
Smucker Various Internships Various US 3/23/2022 Summer Intern  
KTWD Engineer Intern Bakersfield/Delano, CA 3/23/2022 Summer Intern  
Valley Fabrication Engineering Intern Salinas, CA 3/8/2022 Summer Intern  
WRMWSD Assistant Engineer Bakersfield, CA 3/2/2022 Full Time  
ACME Field Technician Napa, CA 2/25/2022 Full Time  
ACME Design/Field Engineer Napa, CA 2/25/2022 Full Time  
NRCS Ag Engineer Various, CA 2/23/2022 Full Time 3/1/2022
SPI Seasonal Ranch Aide Yreka, CA 2/18/2022 Intern 6 mths  
Tetra Pak Engineering Intern Denton, TX 2/16/2022 Intern  
Rear MFG Design Engineer Coburg, OR 2/15/2022 Full Time  
River Partners Senior Restoration Scientist Modesto, CA 2/15/2022 Full Time  
Preston Pipelines Inc Project Engineer Milpitas/Santa Clara/Sacramento/ Palo Alto, CA 2/14/2022 Full Time  

Sage Ag Inc

Field Technician Autonomous Vehicles Various - Travel 2/7/2022 Full Time  
Kimley-Horn Land Surveying San Diego, CA 2/7/2022 Full Time  
Makai Farms Farm Manager Gustine, CA 2/3/2022 Full Time  
USBR Hydraulics Lab Denver, CO 2/1/2022 Full Time 2/28/2022
Sage Ag Inc. Harvester Works Intern USA and Canada 1/31/2022 Intern Full Time  
Church and Dwight Project Engineer Madera, CA 1/26/2022 Full Time  
NRCS-USDA Civil Engineer Bakersfield, CA 1/26/2022 Full Time 2/2/2022
Sage Ag Inc. Field Technology Integrator Fresno/Sacramento, CA 1/24/2022 Full Time  
LSC Environmental Products Application Engineer Various 1/19/2022 Full Time  
USDA-ARS Ag Engineer Corvallis, OR 1/19/2022 Full Time February 7, 2022 
Mission Avocado Engineering Intern Oxnard, CA 1/14/2022 Internship  
Califresh Field Operations Central CA 1/14/2022 Full Time  
Acuity Agriculture Sales Representative Various 1/7/2022 Part Time  
Acuity Agriculture Field Technician Various 1/7/2022 Part Time  
RDC Ag Field Assistant Santa Cruz, CA 1/5/2022 Part Time January 17, 2022
Provost & Pritchard Water Engineering Visalia/Clovis, CA 12/8/2021 Full Time/Intern  
Alco Harvesting Field Service Technician Santa Maria, CA 11/30/2021 Full Time  
Hartman Engineering Assistant Engineer Visalia, CA  11/15/2021 Full Time  
TID and MKGSA Intern - Water Resources Tulare, CA 10/2/2021 Intern  11/5/2021
Recruiting Firm Irrigation Systems Designer Chico, CA 10/20/2021 Full Time  
NRCS Student Trainees (Engineering) Fresno and Stockton, CA 10/13/2021 Internship 10/27/2021
Grimmway Interns Various 10/8/2021 Internship Spring/Summer 2022 10/31/2021
Hortau Sales/Marketing Intern San Luis Obispo, CA 10/1/2021 Internship ASAP

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