Department Overview

BioResource & Agricultural Engineering Department 


Program Categories

Agricultural Systems Mgmt (ASM)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

M.S. Water Engineering

BioResource & Agricultural Engr. (BRAE)

Water Science

M.S. Agriculture, Specialization in Irrigation


M.S. Ag., Spec. in Ag Engineering Technology

The BRAE Department's BioResource and Agricultural Engineering (BRAE) major offers answers for students who want to be problem solvers.  Today's high-tech agricultural industries are looking for graduates who can engineer solutions to the problems of resources and systems as well as for those who can manage advanced technologies.


GIS Minor

With the Agricultural Systems Management (ASM) major, students combine hands-on experience in agricultural technology with practical training in the business and management aspects of agriculture within a curriculum that is recognized by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering.  In addition to the hands-on courses in the department, students may take enough business and management classes to earn a minor in Agribusiness.

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