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BioResource & Agricultural Engineering at Cal Poly is devoted to the study, teaching, and practice of engineering and systems management support for agriculture. From day one, our students Learn by Doing in laboratory-intensive classes. Through practical design and problem-solving experiences, our students receive the skills, the tools and the opportunity to build what they design.

Hands-on experience is the key to success in BRAE. Students plan projects from the ground up and engineer tangible products from start to finish, ensuring that Cal Poly students are outstanding employees in their fields.

We need your help. Keeping Learn by Doing strong and vibrant requires enthusiastic students, pioneering faculty and innovative facilities. High quality intensive instruction requires a focus on the student and small class size. The department’s enrollment is growing and in order to preserve hands-on learning, we need to hire more faculty to provide more laboratory sections.

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Complete List of Classes that Would Benefit from Additional Lab Sections:

Lab Sections for BRAE Major

BRAE 216: Fundamentals of Electricity
BRAE 232: Agricultural Structures Planning
BRAE 234: Introduction to Mechanical Systems in Agriculture
BRAE 236: Principles of Irrigation
BRAE 312: Hydraulics
BRAE 320: Principles of Bioresource Engineering
BRAE 328: Measurements and Computer Interfacing
BRAE 403: Agricultural Systems Engineering
BRAE 414: Irrigation Engineering
BRAE 421/422: Equipment Engineering
BRAE 433: Agricultural Structures Design

Lab Sections for ASM Major

BRAE 142: Agricultural Power and Machinery Management
BRAE 203: Agricultural Systems Analysis
BRAE 301: Hydraulic and Mechanical Power Systems
BRAE 321: Agricultural Safety
BRAE 324: Principles of Agricultural Electrification
BRAE 343: Mechanical Systems Analysis
BRAE 418/419: Agricultural Systems Management
BRAE 425: Computer Controls for Agriculture
BRAE 432: Agricultural Buildings

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