Future Fuels Club


Welcome to Future Fuels!

We are a student-based BRAE club that focuses on learning through getting our hands dirty with projects. We work with alternative energies throughout multiple current projects like a biodiesel reactor, an EV solar charger, a waste vegetable oil processor, and hopefully a gasifier powered go-kart one day. We work directly with CP staff and industry people, so this is a great opportunity get immersion with engineering, financial management, and team communication/management. We take all majors and walks of life; the broader the perspectives, the better! We do also appreciate those who are already experienced in these topics and will accommodate with specific responsibilities.

Website: https://futurefuelstest.wordpress.com/

Future Fuels Club Intro Video

Instagram:  future.fuels

Contact Person: Kieran Cunningham, <ktcunnin@calpoly.edu>

Faculty Advisors:


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