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BRAE students have over 20,000 sq. ft. of lab space at their disposal!

Lab 1: Ag Mechanics / Wood Shop (3,565 sq. ft.)

Lab 2: Water Lab (1,444 sq. ft.)

Lab 3: Student Lab (760 sq. ft.), Electronics / Computer Lab (1,285 sq. ft.)

Lab 4: Robotics Lab (977 sq. ft.), Aquaculture and Controlled Environment Agriculture Lab (2,478 sq. ft.)

Lab 5: Engines, Hydraulics, and Power Machinery Lab (4,168 sq. ft.)

Lab 6: Heavy Fabrication and Welding Lab (3,536 sq. ft.)

Lab 7: Light Fabrication and Machine Shop (4,371 sq. ft.)


In BRAE, we work in the real world. It can be a dangerous place, but the health and safety of students, staff, faculty, our industry partners, and the public is our top priority. Several BRAE courses include dedicated safety modules, everyone must pass both general and lab-specific safety tests before using each laboratory space, and everyone must be trained on specific equipment to be authorized to work with it. Our Laboratory Policies / Procedures document describes our mission, guidelines, rules, and corrective actions for safety violations. If you have a safety concern related to the department, please reach out to:

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