BRAE Department Scholarships

Check out the information below of information regarding a few of the BRAE Department scholarships available each year. For more information on individual scholarships and amounts, please contact the Financial Aid Office. 

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Daisy J. Hudson Scholarship

Cal Poly BRAE has offered new students in Tulare and Kings County as well as continuing current students (with high enough GPAs) scholarship awards of the Daisy J. Hudson Agricultural Irrigation Career Scholarships.

Daisy J. Hudson, a life-long resident of Porterville in Tulare County knew from her career experience in farming and as General Manager of the Sausalito Irrigation District, that agriculture's two most important assets are water and people. This and her appreciation for women and minorities from rural backgrounds, led her to establish the Agricultural Irrigation Career Scholarships at Cal Poly.

These scholarships provide needs-based financial assistance to deserving students from Tulare and Kings Counties who through undergraduate studies in the areas of irrigation, water science and water engineering at Cal Poly, intend to pursue active careers in jobs in the key area of water.

Thank you letters should go to BRAE.

Merriam Endowment Scholarship

Professor Merriam was an internationally known irrigation consultant who taught at Cal Poly for 20 years. His students, both here and abroad, remember him for his inspiration and dedication to teaching. Professor Merriam and his family established the Merriam Endowment for Irrigation and Water Management within the BioResource and Agricultural Engineering Department at Cal Poly. The endowment provides assistance to faculty and students in the field of irrigation. Cal Poly will always appreciate all of the guidance and support that Professor Merriam showed to both Cal Poly and the BRAE Department.

There are two annual scholarships in the amount of $1,200 is made to a student interested in irrigation. Thank you letters should go to BRAE.

Provost and Pritchard Scholarship

Established in 1968, Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group has established a tradition of engineering and consulting excellence in the San Joaquin Valley. With office locations in Fresno, Clovis, Visalia, Bakersfield, and Oakdale, the firm features a mix of seasoned engineering veterans, complimented by younger professionals with fresh ideas and the most up-to-date technical skills.

Provost & Pritchard is an employee owned company that specializes in civil and agricultural engineering, environmental and land use planning, hydrogeology, dairy design and permitting, and surveying services in the areas of water resources, municipal infrastructure, agriculture, site development, and environmental compliance.

The vision of Provost & Pritchard is to be the premier diversified engineering and related services firm in Central California by:

  • Living our values
  • Stable, secure and fun workplace (employer of choice)
  • Attract and retain best clients (consultant of choice)
  • Growing and profitable
  • Community involved and responsible

Currently, Provost & Pritchard employees 14 Cal Poly, SLO BRAE graduates. For the Cal Poly BRAE scholarship, P&P looks for students with a demonstrated interest in irrigation, good technical and writing skills, and strong leadership qualities. Applicants are encouraged to articulate their academic achievements and express how they have been inspired in achieving their educational/career goals. Students must be recommended for the $1,000 scholarship by the irrigation faculty at Cal Poly.

For more information, visit or email Thank you letters should go to:
Kevin R. Johansen, P.E.
Provost & Pritchard Engineering Group, Inc.
286 W. Cromwell Avenue
Fresno, CA 93711-6162
Phone: (559) 449-2700
Fax: (559) 449-2715

ASIC Scholarship

The American Society of Irrigation Consultants is a compact organization, but over the last 35 years has collectively designed irrigation and water delivery systems over thousands of sections of urban land dispersing millions of acre feet of water - an enormous responsibility to be sure, and one taken quite seriously. The membership has projects in all 50 states and on all seven continents.

As the irrigation industry continues to evolve at a blistering pace, and water resources become increasingly strained, ASIC will continue its work in training the green industry and better informing the public and private sectors about water resource development and conservation. Irrigation licensing and certification seem imminent as resource accountability is being built into public parks and private resorts alike.

The mission of the society is to enhance the role of the independent professional irrigation consultant as the unbiased advocate of the client. Our responsibility is to provide objective irrigation consulting services in the effective use and management of water and other natural resources. Students are eligible with a demonstrated interest in irrigation, good academic records and strong leadership qualities. Students must be recommended for two $750 scholarships by the irrigation faculty at Cal Poly.

USBR Mid Pacific Region Water Users Conference Scholarship

The Mid Pacific Region Water Users consist of managers, Directors, O&M Personnel, Consultants, and Government Agency Representatives from irrigation districts served by the United States Bureau of Reclamation Facilities in California, Nevada, and Oregon.


1. The yearly scholarship amount will be $2,500.00 for a 2nd year student.

2. Additionally, if the student maintains their GPA and major, they would receive $1,000.00 for the next 2 years and then we will award another student the $2,500.00 scholarship the next year.

3. The Cal Poly ITRC staff will select the recipients from the annual BRAE applicant pool and then inform the committee of the scholarship recipients.

4. The selection will be a student involved in the field of Irrigation.

The selection will also consider GPA, leadership, and merit in the final selection.

Thanks you letters should go to:
Jane Townsend and Lora Velardo,
WUC Scholarship Committee
1521 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 441-2272
Fax (916) 446-1063

Reiter Affiliated Companies Scholarship

RAC’s is the largest year-round fresh multi-berry producer in the world. Reiter Affiliated Companies is a family-owned organization which is committed to maintaining a family-like atmosphere. Complementing the family spirit, ownership relies on and rewards strong leaders to voice their opinion and provide strategic input.

Over the past fifteen years RAC has doubled its business three times, with plans to continue the trend. With the future looking brighter than ever, RAC looks forward to continuing to lead the way in growing and producing high quality berries year round.

Students are eligible with a demonstrated interest in irrigation, good academic records and strong leadership qualities. Students must be recommended for the $1,000 scholarship by the irrigation faculty at Cal Poly.

Thank you letters should go to:
James DuBois
Reiter Affiliated Companies
29500 Heathercliff Rd #224
Malibu, Ca 90265

IDC Scholarship

The staff of IDC Inc. concentrates on providing growers in California’s Central Valley with quality agricultural irrigation systems and unparalleled service. There are locations in Dos Palos, Linden and Patterson.

IDC Inc. specializes in drip/micro irrigation, solid-set sprinkler systems, filtration, electrical and pump stations. IDC boasts 5 Certified Irrigation Designers who can focus on designing sustainable turn-key systems for over 10,000 acres of agricultural commodities each year.

Students are eligible with a demonstrated interest in irrigation, good academic records and strong leadership qualities. Students must be recommended for the $1,000 scholarship by the irrigation faculty at Cal Poly.

Thank you letters should go to:
Mike Conrad and Will Pruitt
Irrigation Design and Construction
P.O. Box 1412
Patterson, Ca 95363

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