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Tye Conlan

Dr. Tye M. Conlan, P.E.

Cal Poly experience:
B.S. Agricultural Engineering, 1988

What he does now:
Manager - Modeling Simulation Analysis and Test (MSA&T), Armed Robotic Vehicle (ARV), United Defense LP.

The mission of the United Defense LP is to mitigate risk with design. This process includes physics-based modeling, software testbeds, a System Integration Lab (SIL), System of Systems Integration Lab (SoSIL), and physical field test. Prior to his current position, Dr. Conlan worked in the John Deere construction equipment division progressing through the following jobs: Human Factors Engineer, Senior Virtual Reality Engineer, and Supervisor. He also spent time with the Dynamic Systems Modeling Group as supervisor of the Performance Evaluation Group.

Why he recommends Cal Poly's BRAE department:
"Cal Poly taught me to think, plan and execute. It was the first time in my life that I felt interested and challenged at the same time. Cal Poly pushed my thought process and my mathematical skills, focused my thoughts on issues of interest. Biggest thing I learned is you never stop learning; progression is a continuous state of learning. Education on its own needs to be balanced with some practical experience, so learn to apply your education before getting too much. If you are taking classes and can think of how to apply it in your daily non-school activities, this is good."

PO Box 58123, Santa Clara, CA 95052
Ph: 408-289-4049, Fax: 408-289-2020

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