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Thomas Marderosian

Cal Poly experience:
BS Agricultural Systems Management (ASM) 2013

What he does now:
Production Supervisor, Bee Sweet Citrus (Fowler, CA)

"I currently work for Bee Sweet Citrus in Fowler, California as a production supervisor in their management team that deals with the operations of the processing and packing facility of Bee Sweet Citrus. As part of my senior project, I created the electrical system and the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) controls for the RPC Dumper. This RPC dumper is being implemented into Bee Sweet Citrus’s operations.

"The experience I had working for Bee Sweet Citrus from before and during my time at Cal Poly helped me understand the basics of electrical and PLC design. However, it was the curriculum at the BRAE Department for the ASM major that built on those fundamentals and helped me get a better grasp on how electrical and PLC systems actually worked. The ASM curriculum not only helped me with understanding electrical and PLC systems better, but also taught me mechanical and hydraulic system analysis and design, and steel structure analysis and design. In a processing and packing facility of citrus fruits like Bee Sweet Citrus, having the knowledge of how mechanical and hydraulic systems work, and how to fabricate and analyze steel structures is invaluable because of all of the different processing and packing equipment being utilized. From a management and production viewpoint, having this knowledge is invaluable in making sure there are no problems with the day to day operations of the facility, and making sure that any new expansions are designed correctly."

Why he recommends Cal Poly's BRAE department:
"Cal Poly and the BRAE Department have given me the tools and the knowledge to do a lot of good things for Bee Sweet Citrus and help the company expand their operations and facilities in the future."

Bee Sweet Citrus, Inc.
416 E South Ave
Fowler, CA 93625
Office: (559)-834-5345 ext. 125
Cell: (559)-916-0261

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