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Monterey County Water Resources Agency

Monterey County Water Resources Agency

Cal Poly BRAE Alumni
(left to right) Jess Barreras (Hydrologist), Brent Buche (Associate Water Resources Engineer), Manuel Saavedra (Hydrologist), German Criollo (Senior Hydrologist), Chris Moss (Associate Water Resources Engineer).

What They Do Now
At the Monterey County Water Resources Agency, Cal Poly grads work on San Antonio and Nacimiento Dams and Reservoirs; Nacimiento Hydroelectric Power Plant; Monterey County Water Recycling Project; Salinas Valley Water Project; Salinas Valley Diversion Facility (inflatable dam, fishway and pump station); oversee the operation of a computerized water data management system; manage GIS activities in support of Agency-wide projects; provide support to develop user-friendly tools that allow the analysis of data received from a storm surveillance network of stream and precipitation gages; explore new technology for making water quality, and reservoir data collection activities more efficient; perform water quality data evaluations; coordinate water quality sampling program activities; review well construction/destruction designs; oversee the Ground Water Extraction Program; maintain ground water extraction database; register wells in the Salinas Valley; nitrate management.

Salinas River
Salinas River Diversion Facility placement relative to Monterey County

Salinas river
Salinas River Diversion Facility placement relative to Castroville Seawater Intrusion Project Distribution System

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