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Mike Grundvig

Mike Grundvig

Cal Poly experience:
B.S. Agricultural Engineering, 1980 (first two years in Mechanical Engineering at Sacramento State)

What he does now:
Vice President, Rain for Rent

Mr. Grundvig has worked with Rain for Rent for over 26 years.  He has been Divisional Manager/Vice President for 9 years, and was previously a Branch Manager and Engineering Manager.  He is currently responsible for all sales and operational issues, including P&L for the Western Division.  As Engineering Manager, his work covered all aspects of engineering for company manufacturing processes and tooling design, irrigation systems domestically and internationally (travels took him to England, Egypt, Cameroon, Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Taiwan), and special projects (design and installation).

Before working with Rain for Rent, Mr. Grundvig was as associate engineer for Boyle Engineering, where their primary focus was agricultural projects (Irvine Ranch being one key customer). 

Why he recommends Cal Poly's BRAE department:
"Having experienced firsthand another university, as well as involvement with other universities over the years, I can state without reservation Cal Poly provides the best education a person can get.  And that is a strong statement because the education at most of the other universities is very good.  The combination of a quality classroom education with the emphasis of hands-on teaching (learn by doing) better equips individuals to enter the marketplace as an engineer.  It allows an engineer to hit the workplace running and keeps doors open to professional advancement throughout their careers.  Our experience within Rain For Rent with engineers from other universities has proven that in general, the engineers from Poly are exceptional and it has to do with both the quality of individuals who choose to go there as well as the education they receive while there.  When strong individuals are grouped together (the students) the competition among themselves lifts the whole group in their abilities."

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