Daisy J. Hudson Scholarship

Press Release: June 10, 2021
Contact: Dr. Stuart Styles <sstyles@calpoly.edu>
Cal Poly Awards Daisy J. Hudson Scholarship to 40 Students

SAN LUIS OBISPO — On May 20, 2021 at the 2020-21 Agricultural Engineering Society - End of the Year Virtual Banquet, 40 current and 4 incoming Cal Poly San Luis Obispo students from the BioResource & Agricultural Engineering department were awarded the Daisy J. Hudson Agricultural Irrigation Career Scholarship for the upcoming (2021-22) academic year. The scholarship is awarded annually to those studying BioResource and Agricultural Engineering (BRAE) or Agricultural Systems Management (ASM) with excellent overall GPAs who either renewed the scholarship from previous years or are receiving the scholarship for the first time this year. In 2021, $85,600 was awarded to students.

Daisy J. Hudson was a life-long resident of Porterville in Tulare County, who served as General Manager of the Sausalito Irrigation District and had exceptional career experience in the agricultural and water industry. Daisy believed whole-heartedly that agriculture's two most important assets are water and people. Her appreciation for women in the industry and Cal Poly attendees from a rural background led her to establish the Agricultural Irrigation Career Scholarship at Cal Poly, called the Daisy J. Hudson Scholarship. Initially, the scholarship was intended to be given to only those who grew up in the Tulare and Kings Counties area but has since expanded to other deserving students within the department.

The scholarship provides needs-based financial assistance to hard-working students who intend to pursue active careers related to water after their undergraduate studies in the areas of irrigation, water science, or water engineering at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Incoming students from Tulare and Kings Counties who will be attending Cal Poly and studying either BRAE or ASM in the fall of 2021 also received the scholarship. For more information about the scholarships or the BRAE department’s water programs, please contact Dr. Stuart Styles at sstyles@calpoly.edu.

New Scholarship Awardees

Ben Negley (Madera Co.)
Anwar Mustafa (Madera Co.)
Daniel Papp (Monterey Co.)
Anton Venter (Napa Co.)
Gretchen Ming (Sacramento Co.)
Jacob Walter (San Benito Co.)
Dylan Darley (San Diego Co.)
Joseph Schaner (San Diego Co.)
Fiona Plunkett (San Francisco Co.)
Christian Przybyla (San Luis Obispo Co.)
Eddie Lundberg (Santa Barbara Co.)
Aidan Fischer (Santa Cruz Co.)
Keaton Terra (Stanislaus Co.)
Jack Dalton Cameron
Peyton Fernandes
Karina Hawkins
Cami Lowrey
Shane Wyman

Renewal Scholarship Awardees

Wyatt Ward (Fresno Co.)
Gabriella Monreal (Kings Co.)
Jonah R. Nester (Kinds Co.)
William Willis-Kloster (Kings Co.)
Alexa Sutter (Los Angeles Co.)
Jacob David Cardoza (Tulare Co.)
Tyler Esteves (Tulare Co.)
Alex C. Fontes (Tulare Co.)
Blake Gendron (Tulare Co.)
Garon Gostanian (Tulare Co.)
Javier Monje (Tulare Co.)
Marshall J. Moons (Tulare Co.)
Brandon Munoz-Gutierrez (Tulare Co.)
Josh Porter (Tulare Co.)
Landon Poston (Tulare Co.)
Garrin J. Schaap (Tulare Co.)
Tristen Schieferle (Tulare Co.)
Clayton N. Van Groningen (Tulare Co.)

First Time Freshmen Awardees

Landon Dodd (Kings Co.)
Yoana Jimenez (Kings Co.)
Anna Rioux (Kings Co.)
Austin Murguia (Tulare Co.)


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