Students in the BRAE Department


Students in leb class

In the Cal Poly BRAE department, we're not afraid to get our hands dirty.  In our classes, students are not simply bystanders, invited only to peer into worlds that they will not be allowed to join until they get their degree.  Instead, Cal Poly students are offered unique opportunities to get involved in actual engineering projects throughout the western states and even internationally, and gain contacts that become invaluable after graduation. 

Pressure measurements BRAE Lab Water Delivery Facility BRAE 433 lab Preparing lab

BRAE classes are taught by faculty members who are internationally recognized as world-class experts in their fields. Labs take students out of the classroom and out in the field the most up-to-date technology in BRAE's expansive outdoor and indoor facilities.  Field trips allow students the opportunity to observe developing projects, and to test their knowledge in actual applications. 

Lab Class Mixing Concrete Fuel Cell Water Delivery Facility Water Delivery Facility

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