Faculty and Staff - Obade


Vincent de Paul Obade, PhD.

Building: 08-123C
Telephone: 805.756.2385
Email: vobade@calpoly.edu



Postdoctoral, School of Environment and Natural Resources, The Ohio State University, USA

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), South Dakota State University, USA

MSc.  (Physical Land Resources), Ghent University, Belgium

Bachelor of Science (Surveying), University of Nairobi, Kenya

Primary Discipline

  • Engineering Survey
  • Geospatial Sciences


Other Interests

  • Water Quality and Land Saving technologies
  • Spatial-Temporal Assessment of Precision Agriculture Practices
  • Integrated land use planning and management systems


Research Overview

  1. develop new operational models for assaying soil and water quality using cutting edge technology and novel algorithms.
  2. examining barriers in data analyses, and information delivery for monitoring efforts.
  3. health-risk maps for ecosystems and habitat suitability indices.
  4. poverty assessment using spatial information techniques.
  5. investigate effective approaches for disseminating critical scientific findings to the public and policy makers.

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