Winter 2018 - Capstone Presentations

Capstone Presentations: BRAE and ASM Seniors


Seniors majoring in both Bioresource and Agricultural Engineering (BRAE) and Agricultural Systems Management (ASM) presented their final capstone projects on March 14 and March 16. Faculty, students, industry partners, and sponsors gather in the BRAE labs to see the outline and execution of the projects for winter quarter. Twelve groups of 66 students of 5 to 10 students each presented. The students designed and created tools and machinery based on real-time industry needs, with the aid of industry partners and various companies. One such project was the Milk Sampling Aid Project created by four BRAE and ASM students. They built a structure that safely helps students and workers take milk samples in the most timely and effective way. They are excited to see their project be put to use at the Cal Poly Campus Creamery.


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