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Valerie Dawe

Valerie Dawe

Cal Poly experience:
B.S. BioResource and Agricultural Engineering, 2005
M.S. Engineering, specialization in Water Engineering, 2006

What she does now:
Civil Engineering Consultant

Ms. Dawe works with a civil engineering consulting firm involved with both private and public works projects throughout Central and Southern California.  Representative projects include residential and commercial site development and re-development, utility upgrades and master planning, and construction management and inspection.  Valerie specializes in wet utility design and hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, including: floodplain mapping and delineation; water, sewer, and storm drain modeling and design; and pumping station design.  She is also involved with site design and layout, street improvements, grading plans, cost estimates, technical specification development, and GIS services.

Why she recommends Cal Poly's BRAE department:
"The hands-on approach of the BRAE department provided me a great foundation to make practical engineering decisions and design constructible, cost-effective projects. . Working with the ITRC enhanced my education at Cal Poly and provided me the sense of professionalism I needed jump start my career in private consulting. The professors in the BRAE department take the time to make sure students have a thorough understanding of engineering principles, and demonstrate how to apply knowledge gained in the classroom to come up with real-world engineering solutions. The well-rounded BRAE curriculum put me ahead of my civil engineering peers in areas of electrical and mechanical engineering that I work with as a consultant."

Valerie Dawe, P.E.
Penfield & Smith Engineers Inc.
210 E. Enos Drive Suite A
Santa Maria, CA 93454
Phone: (805) 925-2345  Fax: (805) 925-1539

Valerie Dawe in the PhilippinesValerie Dawe in the Philippines
Valerie Dawe on a training mission in the Philippines while a student at Cal Poly 

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