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Ted Moncure

Ted Moncure

Cal Poly experience:
B.S. Agricultural Engineering, 1993

What he does now:
TRD Product Development Manager at Toyota Motor Sales USA, Toyota's North American Distributor.  I am responsible for the design, development and evaluation of functional performance accessory parts for Toyota, Lexus and SCION vehicles.  These include wheels, superchargers, intake, exhaust, suspension and brake systems. - Anything that makes a vehicle go, stop or turn better.   I manage a group of engineers who work with our sub-suppliers to develop parts in parallel with new vehicle development, so that our products are available at the same time the new vehicle arrives in dealers showrooms.  This requires a combination of virtual design and hands on evaluation to tune parts to optimize vehicle performance and minimize NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness).  One recent project was development of the 2012 Baja Series Tacoma which will be released in June, and an off road race vehicle to promote the production version.

Why he recommends Cal Poly's BRAE Department:
Mr. Carnegie used to say "A sense of magnitude is the art of engineering".  BRAE grads have a practical approach to engineering which enables them to solve problems quickly in a cost effective and reliable manner.   Ag Engineers are well rounded, with a good understanding of a wide range of disciplines including structures, machine design, and fluid dynamics.  Taiichi Ohno, one of the founders of the Toyota production system said "Engineers should wash their hands 5 times a day" - Ag engineers aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, and as a result they tend to have a good grasp of the application of engineering principles to real world problems.

Ted Moncure, P.E.
TRD Product Development Manager
310.468.6292 |

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