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Randy Hopkins

Randy Hopkins

Cal Poly experience:
B.S. BioResource and Agricultural Engineering, 1999
M.S. Water Engineering, 2001

What he does now:
Project Engineer and Project Manager for Provost & Pritchard Engineering.

Work at Provost & Pritchard Engineering revolves around water in all forms (irrigation, drinking water, floodwater, urban runoff, food processing and dairy wastewater, municipal wastewater). Clients include multiple irrigation and water districts, dairies, food processors, cities, and developers. Provost & Pritchard gets involved with projects at all levels, from the initial concept through construction. Day to day work typically involves coordinating with clients, subconsultants, project team, and regulatory agencies, along with possibly preparing or reviewing drawings, cost estimates, and engineering design.

Why he recommends Cal Poly's BRAE department:
"Being a BRAE major gives you the chance to learn various engineering disciplines (civil, mechanical, electrical, etc.) and apply them to agriculture. The 'learn by doing' labs give you the chance to actually see how an irrigation system works, experiment with how a canal operates, and build a piece of equipment. These experiences gave me the tools I needed to help bring projects to successful completion."

286 West Cromwell,
Fresno, CA 93700
Ph: 559-449-2700
Fax: 559-449-2715

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