The Great AgVenture

Informing the Younglings About Agriculture

The BRAE department participated in the Great AgVenture, an educational field trip where more than 1,200 fourth-grade children throughout San Luis Obispo County have an opportunity to explore the industry that produces our food, fiber and flowers (San Luis Obispo County Farm Bureau). The event has been an annual occurence for nine years.

Kathy Daniels, member of the BRAE staff, describes BRAE's role in the event: "BRAE students were among 52 presenters given the opportunity to meet students and educate them about the various aspects of agriculture. This year, the department had an activity using bicycle-pedaling to demonstrate the power of water. The elementary school students were able to "learn by doing" by seeing how their speed affected the amount of water being pumped out." Way to go BRAE! Way to participate and educate the younger generation in the ways of bioresource and agricultural engineering (on a simpler scale of course)!

Students should check out the Great AgVenture/Farm Bureau website to get a complete understanding of what exactly this event was and how excited the children were to participate.

Here are some pics of the super cute kids from the event!

Students: Take Notice


Meetings for clubs are in full swing! Wednesday is the day to be active in the BRAE goings-on. General AES meetings are Wednesdays at 6pm in Building 8A Lab 4. The Society of Women Engineers General Meetings are Wednesdays in Bonderson (197) Room 104 at 6pm.

Parent's Weekend

Time for parents to come and visit their college children, see the sites, and enjoy San Luis Obispo overall. Come and bring your parents to the BRAE department to see where the magic of education happens! For those of you with visiting parents, enjoy this weekend with them!

Halloween is Upon Us...Finally!

Halloween weekend is finally here! And I'm sure I'm not the only one excited! I love all types of scary movies! A website called io9 is a site for a mishmash of information, including pop culture, science, books, and more! And they are counting down their 50 favorite scary movies of all time. I check in every day to see the new movies added. They are currently on numbers 30-21, so if you are interested in finding out if your favorite scary movie made the cut, then visit the io9 list.

Halloween is also a time for candy and parties. Parties can be super fun, but everybody must remember to be safe! I know it may seem silly to read the email Student Affairs sent Cal Poly students, but it contains important and relevant information. As they say, "please be mindful of the choices you make." You can still have fun while being safe!

Enjoy your Halloween weekend! I hope it's filled with many funtivities! And if you end up carving a wicked awesome pumpkin, send the pics to along with your name, year, and major if you want to be featured in the next enewsletter!